Joey began writing music at the age of twelve – starting out as guitar-playing metal head and gradually evolving into an orchestra-composing metal head.
After studying composition at Belmont University, Joey joined London based progressive rock band KYROS. With them, he has toured all over Europe and the US while composing for their studio releases. So far these include the LP Vox Humana and the EPs Cloudburst and Monster.

He also maintained his own band Edge of Reality to express his more off-the-wall and experimental side. So far they have released three studio albums: Elephant in My Pajamas, Vicious Circle, and In Static.

On January 1, 2019, Joey released his first solo album entitled Gone. This effort demonstrated a more restrained and folksy side to his music while still keeping his distinctive voice in tact. It features many orchestral instruments as well as your typical rock band elements blended together.

In June of 2019, Joey moved to LA to pursue his long time passion of film scoring.

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