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Want to collaborate with me on your next project?
Here’s what I can do for you


Need some original music for your film, TV show, web series, birthday party, podcast, art gallery, thing-a-ma-jig, or stage play? I can make your dreams come true. You can listen to excerpts of my past work here on the site, but obviously anything I write for your project will be tailor made to suit your vision.

Mixing and mastering

I’ll mix and/or master your band’s song, EP, or LP such that it slaps with the ferocity of ten thousand frat boys with wet towels made of gods. Click here for examples of my mixing and mastering work.


Guitar Tracking

Do you want your riffs to be heavy? Obviously. Do you want your solos to be needlessly shreddy? Perhaps. Me and my trusty JP7 can give you whatever your heart desires.